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Employment Opportunities

Contributing Editor:

We are looking for someone in the Financial Services Industry that would like to contribute content and provide feedback and design ideas on all aspects of this web-site.  This is a non-paying position but it could provide free advertising of your professional services.  Also, partial ownership and sharing of revenue is possible.



  • 10-Plus Years in the Financial Services Industry

  • Very experienced with trading Stocks & Bonds

  • Familiar with Annuities

  • Good writing skills

  • Good math skills



  • Located in the North Carolina area (Raleigh, NC, would be ideal!)

  • Experience with selling Annuities and/or other Insurance related investments

  • Familiar with all varieties of Bonds

  • Understands the costs of Mutual Fund & ETF investing

If interested, please send a brief note on our contact page and a link to your Linked-In profile.  Thank you!


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