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Diversification Analysis

This is an Historical Asset Allocation Calculator, which will analyze the past performance of various asset categories.  For a detailed explanation, see Diversifcation Analysis Calculator Help, but the calculator should be fairly intuitive to use.  Just pick one of the "Best" Suggestions and select the Compute Button.  If you wish, start modifying the asset splits to do your own experimentation for any time period.


(Disclaimer:  The historical returns for Real Estate are very good and are on par with (if not better than) the S&P 500 over the long run.  However, finding an ETF or Mutual Fund that matches those returns going forward may be a challenge. The same could be said for Corporate Bonds.  Real Estate and Corporate Bonds are important assets categories but you may want to dial back the expectations a little when using these returns on the Annuity Calculator.  See our Asset Buckets page for more info.)

Note that the total of all assets must equal 100 (i.e. 100%).

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 Asset Type

(1934) Cash

(1929) Gold

(1928) 10Y US Bonds

(1928) Corp Bonds

(1972) Real Estate

(1928) S&P 500

(1972) Value Stocks

(1972) NASDAQ

(1970) Intl Stocks

Total: 100

"Best" Suggestions
Other Interesting Splits

Linear Return %
CAGR w/Inflation
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